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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:51 pm
by taxidave
Hey All!Sorry for the delay on December deals. The holidays can certainly slow things down! Here's what we got for December 2007:We have recently confirmed that through TAXI there were 16 composers signed by a leading supplier of music for a popular daytime show starting with the letter “O.” 7 out of 16 of these composers never told us about their deal! We had to get it straight from the source, and then e-mailed these composers to confirm their stories for us.We've also confirmed that 3 of them have had 350+ placements on the program! Another composer has had 225 placements thus far, and the rest have had a respectable amount of placements as well. A few of these composers have also had their music aired on Prime Time Specials for this show. Way to go guys!!!Member Deals 12/1/2007-12/31/2007James K. (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)-James recently had cuts on ABC’s “American Inventor.” He also had placements in 3 other national networks through a Library he was forwarded to through TAXI in 2006.Ross S. (Portland, OR)-Ross called us up to inform us that his band Echo Helstom had their song “Where I Sleep” placed in the hit TV show One Tree Hill through the President of an Independent Publishing Company.Mike G. (Stanstead, QC, Canada)-Mike is currently being offered a deal with an Independent Label to license his songs for an upcoming Swing Jazz CD Box Set to be distributed by a major label in Europe. The songs that were forwarded were “Happy Go Lucky Blues,” “Juke Joint Café,” and “La Fuîte En La Bémol Mineur.”Scott G. (Spring Hill, TN)-Scott was placed on FOX’s Prison Break through a new LA-based Music Library he was forwarded to as a TAXI Member.Dan Jeremy B. (Montgomery, IL)-Dan, Jeremy, and Theresa Brooks (Apocalypse Cow) currently had their blues song “Been Down So Long” placed in “The Hockey Game” episode of Samantha Who aired on ABC.Susan N. (San Dimas, CA)-Still raking in the benefits from the Music Library/Publisher she was signed with through TAXI, Susan was recently placed in the Lifetime TV Movie called “Gossip,” which is being released in 2008.Tim W. (Indianapolis, IN)-Tim signed a 4-song deal with a NY-based Music Publisher/Library (with studios also in Nashville and Los Angeles).Tim W. (Indianapolis, IN)-Tim had his song “Let Me Breathe” signed to a U.K.-based Music Library/Publishing Company. The song was re-titled “Teenage America.”Pete W. (Boise, ID)-Pete’s band “Half The World” signed a licensing deal for the instrumental versions of their songs to the President of an LA-based Music Library.Jim J. (Sebastopol, CA)-Jim recently received a phone call from the owner of a Music Production Library and signed a 6-song publishing deal to have his songs placed in film/television/commercials.Martin H. (Buelach, NO, Switzerland)-Martin’s song “A Tragedy” was signed to a new Music Library specializing in drama music.Martin H. (Buelach, NO, Switzerland)-Martin recently is in discussion of signing his song “Lonely Night” to an LA-based Music Library.Martin H. (Buelach, NO, Switzerland)-Through the connection that he’s already made with a LA-based Music Library through TAXI, Martin signed another track to their library. Soon after this, the very first hip-hop tune that was signed to this library also placed it in the Indie film “Frankenhood.”Scott G. (Spring Hill, TN)-We were informed of Scott’s deal on June 28th, 2007. His e-mail was just now found reporting this deal: Scott signed a contract with Sony/BMG to have his song “Islamorada” featured on their Salsa Compilation CD.Scott G. (Spring Hill, TN)-Scott signed a Salsa track to an LA-based Music Library owned by veterans of that industry.Dave C. (Lancaster, PA)-Dave has currently had some placements with a new and growing LA-based Online Music Licensing Company.Dave C. (Lancaster, PA)-Dave also signed a non-exclusive deal with the President of an LA-based Publishing Company for film/TV placement.Jean-Pierre L. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)-Jean-Pierre signed one of his songs with the President of an LA-based Music Library.Jean-Pierre L. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)-Jean-Pierre signed a deal with an Online Music Licensing Company that supplies music to film, TV, video game, corporate, internet, and DVD projects. This deal has already generated many sales of his songs.Jean-Pierre L. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)-Jean-Pierre has also currently generated income from a new Online Music Licensing Company run by a Music Library veteran.New deal mentions are already coming in for the new year! Please e-mail the details of your deals to: ');// -->deals@taxi.comCongratulations to everyone in the month of December. Here's to an even more successful New Year ahead! ~DavidMember Services