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A wierd beginning with a happy ending

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:41 am
by ddusty
I fear this post may get long, so I apologize in advance.I am curious if anyone has had an issue like this, and i may call Sebastian to ease my worried mind, but this definitely falls under the "all's well that ends well" category.Out of some 45 forwards, i have never received word from any of the forwarded to parties (not complaining, just giving background).This all changed back in early June when I received an email from a publisher telling me thanks, but no thanks. I had never gotten one of these before so it was appreciated.Now for the strange part:In his note he listed 4 songs that I submitted. the problem was that only one of those songs listed were mine, the other 3 i had never heard (let alone written)I quickly replied informing him of the one song that was truly mine.I phoned taxi and was assured that it is not possible for the artists to be mixed up with the songs (although the publisher double checked and confirmed that his appeared messed up)Here is the part that kept me from posting about the possible mix up...The publisher response was:"I need to check to the info. I think the contact sheet from TAXI may be a little off. This may change things a little. I like 'Chains' a lot. .... Do you have any more music? I thought that the other tracks were yours and, if so, I wouldn't have been interested. Since they have nothing to do with your work, I would like to hear more."So I sent off 3 CD's worth of music. He has sent a contract (non exclusive 60/40) for 3 songs off one of the discs, and is still sifting through the other 2. He wanted to do it disc by disc and I am fine with that.Long Story ShortTHANKS TAXI, We are beginning the works of signing our first placement/publishing deal.Rob

Re: A wierd beginning with a happy ending

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 8:13 am
by billg
Hey congrats Rob! Wow, it sounds like you might get a lot more than you could have hoped for from that listing. It was certainly a break that you were contacted by someone who was actually getting in touch to reject you! Did you ever hear from Taxi what the screw-up could have been? Do you know if the other three songs (written by someone else) were meant to be forwarded? Yeah I know, I ask too many questions but that is such a freaky story. At least it's all working out. Who knows, maybe if not for the screw-up things wouldn't have worked out like this for you. Congrats again and if you learn anything more about how that happened I'm dying to hear it! -billg-

Re: A wierd beginning with a happy ending

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 8:33 am
by tedsingingfox
Would also be eager to hear details. Congrats.Tedtedsingingfox