15000 reasons to make good music?

Yep. Drop your super cool ego and beg for fans!

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15000 reasons to make good music?

Post by woznicki » Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:56 am

Posted this first in "General Hangout" but maybe it should be here....

Hey members. Going into the studio soon to record some, what I hope to be, great tracks...even though I cant afford it, it's gotta be done. All for the dream!


If you want, we are in a web contest where we can win 15000 bucks. 1 of 3 finalists. We came up with a new potato chip taste, "Pickles & Mayo" ( !!! ). that cash would sure come in handy. A simple vote helps.

Become friends with the "Pickles & Mayo" Facebook page, or just go into the site for voting (it's in swedish....I live there, from Philly originally) http://www.olw.se/mysmatchen you'll see our "bag" and just press on the button and add email address. you'll need to confirm it by opening the email sent back to the address you entered and press the link. (No spam from this company. It's the equivalent to LAYS here in sweden. But still, maybe use an email address you don't normally use for "Real" stuff)

So, just a heads up. Only if you want to help out. If not, that's cool....I'll be making sweet music with or without that extra cash.... :) You can check out my music by searching out "The Simple (Sweden)" on Facebook.


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