An idea... (maybe a challenge?)

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An idea... (maybe a challenge?)

Post by Casey H » Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:02 am

I was thinking this morning of many of the posts I've read and came up with this idea. My wife does say it's dangerous when I think, but here goes... The policy on this board is that if you complain about your critique, you should post the listing, entire critique, a link to the song, and the lyrics. I think that is very fair to everyone! But sometimes, the folks who do that get upset that all the regular forum contributors here will jump (with alleged bias) to support TAXI and what the screener's comments were. I am not saying there is or isn't that bias or that I often disagree with what is said here (In fact, I don't). But one could argue that human nature is a factor.So here is my idea... (It's really nothing new) If you got a critique and do or don't agree with it, without saying what your results were, simply post the song, lyrics and listing and the review form (see link below) for cut and paste. Ask people to review it in the context of the listing, give as much review detail as they can, and say whether or not they would forward it. Collect a bunch of those before (optionally) posting the screener's review. Review form: ... 1073947717 To keep us on our toes, it's fine to post a song that got a positive review and was forwarded. This can be a "blind" study, of sorts. Don't tell us anything.I suggest using this thread to keep it all together, but that is just a suggestion.The concept would be to get as much input from members here without any possible bias by reading the actual critique.Whaddaya think? Casey

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