Any Aussie Rally folk make the trip this year?

Talk about the rally here.

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Any Aussie Rally folk make the trip this year?

Post by TimPitchfordMusic » Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:46 pm

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Im 100% KEEN on making the RR for 2019 and I’m now in the research phase of flights, hotels and all the rest. This will be my first time to America, and I’m incredibly excited!

I’ve read a bunch of posts on here regarding accomodation etc. which is all great info. Thank you.

Were there any Aussies there this year though? Specifically from Brisbane or the Gold Coast (Queensland).

Can’t wait to meet everyone and really dig my heels in to this amazing career path.

And help, ideas, thoughts and the like would be greatly appreciated! :D 

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Re: Any Aussie Rally folk make the trip this year?

Post by kyliecouper » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:44 pm

Hey Tim!
I'm from Sydney and I went to my first rally this year. It was way better than I imagined!!

I flew directly from Sydney to LAX. You definitely want to stay at the Westin. Its super easy to get the hotel shuttle from the airport. If you are looking to save $$ you can find someone on the forum to share a room with.
I left Sydney on Wednesday morning and arrived in LA on Wednesday morning!!! I was hoping to get some jet lag out of my system before the rally started but that didn't quite work out!
I left to come home on one of the late Sunday night flights. That was OK but if I have time and $$ next year I would try to go home Monday night instead.

I dragged my own bags around everywhere so the tipping thing wasn't a big deal. I used credit card almost everywhere so I think I ended up using about $10 cash. So don't bother getting much USD.

I left the hotel a couple of times and just took an Uber everywhere. Super easy and cheap. Having said that, you don't really need to leave the hotel at all.
I went to a nearby supermarket to grab a few snacks, but there are also a few petrol stations nearby you can grab some muesli bars or something similar.
There is a cheap Thai restaurant next door if you don't want to spend $$ in the hotel restaurant and bar, which are quite pricey.

The rally is totally and utterly worth every cent you spend to get there.

Happy to answer any other questions you have.
PM/DM me if you like.

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Re: Any Aussie Rally folk make the trip this year?

Post by Shalee » Sun Mar 03, 2019 7:32 pm

I'm going to the Rally, and I'm from Melbourne Australia! It will also be my first time, very excited to attend.

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