Appreciate reviews for "Goodbye"

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Re: Appreciate reviews for "Goodbye"

Post by serge » Sat Feb 11, 2006 10:29 am

Quote:Hi, just enjoying listening to this song. It reminds me very much of early Beatles - 'she loves you, ya ya ya' style, or some of that soft rock & roll from the 50s. Nice harmonies. Might work well in a film set in that era or that uses music from that era.cheersHummin'birdHello Vikki ! I'm glad to meet you here ! Maybe you remember me from "SoundClick" -my former project was "Serge N". But it doesn't matter really I do remember your amazing ballad " Still Dream of You" .Thank you so much for your feedback ! I'm so proud to be compared to the fab four Serge / Private Beat

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