Audio Interfaces - Thunderbolt? USB? or ??

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Re: Audio Interfaces - Thunderbolt? USB? or ??

Post by Len911 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:03 am

Several years ago, there weren't as many options as there are today, it was before usb really became an option,decent a/d d/a converters were expensive. I bought an rme adi 2 converter
a cheap m- audio card for the spdif/i n/out from the computer, the 500 series were only API, I had a 2 rack with 2eq's but never used them so I sold them, but I also have API L200 series with 3 compressors, a mic pre, and an expander modules. And then later bought a used oram octasonic preamp and octamix. That's what I use today,except I did build another computer which has a soundblaster card for the spdif in/out.

I'm pretty much sold on the API chain and I use the octamix. I know they say it has color, but to my ears it sounds like the most natural. It's all just to say that there are some things that don't need upgrading as much as others.
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