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Re: Brit-Hit

Post by matto » Tue Mar 28, 2006 5:30 pm

Quote:He said he couldn't possibly have time to call or email so many songwriters, discussing why he didn't use it. Plus he didn't want to have to tell bad news to so many people. This gave me a good picture of his side of things.This is an excellent point...and it's a little bit our (the songwriters') fault. I think it was Tony Ferguson at one Road Rally who said he used to call people back to tell them he passed on their stuff, but then the artists/songwriters would ask him "but why? why?" So it would turn into a long thing..."well I can re-write it...what do you want me to change" etc etc on material that was basically, you know, hopeless . So of course then he stopped calling cause nobody has that kind of time.

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