# D110621RI length?

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# D110621RI length?

Post by sethlit » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:50 pm

This is kind of a general listing question. When a length of an "instrumental" listing is not given, could I assume 1:30 would be enough? Or would that be considered a shorter cue? I guess...I'm still confused about the difference of terminology between "cue" and "instrumental" tracks. Unless a particular length is suggested, should an "instrumental" track be able to stand on it's own...like a full length track (2:30ish)? Any words of wisdom? :D Here's the dispatch I'm referring too:

UPBEAT ROCK INSTRUMENTALS a la Foo Fighters, Muse, Kings of Leon, Paramore, etc., needed by a Los Angeles based Commercial and Production Music Composer who runs a non-exclusive music library and has had many television placements on such cable networks as HBO, MTV, VH1, etc.. He is looking to expand his catalog and wants to hear great, competitive material with a well-maintained energy, so your presentation must be top-notch! Moods can vary so long as the tempo is upbeat and clearly defined. Only fresh, modern arrangements characteristic of the current rock world will be considered; no classic rock please!


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