Does anyone need a bass player?

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Does anyone need a bass player?

Post by geofferic » Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:07 am

I'm reaching out to find people to work with. My main instrument is bass but I also play guitar to a reasonable level. I do the whole home studio thing.
With the aim of widening my circle of friends/collaborators I want to offer my bass playing to anyone that wants it.
I'm not seeking a fee, I want to find someone on a trust basis where we can work together and see where it goes.
On the other hand if you just want a bassline on a 'work for hire' basis then I'm up for that too, let's talk. I'll do one on trust, pay me if you like it.

At the risk of limiting myself I'm not putting up a link of my portfolio. I want to work with you on ideas, so try me out. If you like what we do together then great, if not, no hard feelings. The reason for no portfolio is that I'm open to work in any genre and who knows what might happen when our respective influences are mixed.

I hope I've not embarrassed myself here.
Are you up for it?


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Re: Does anyone need a bass player?

Post by tresero » Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:54 pm

I am always looking for musicians. Depends on the style you play. I am willing to trade so it's not just a freebie thing.

I play guitar (50 years now :), some bass, but you don't need me for that :) , Cuban tres, bongos, rudimentary drums (played in high school, so I can sort of think like a drummer when I program them), arrangers piano, and I am a graduate of Grove School of Music for Arranging/Composing, so I can arrange.

Some of my stuff is in my signature, for better or worse :)

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