Follow up to my Taxi TV Episode - Bob mete

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Follow up to my Taxi TV Episode - Bob mete

Post by bmete » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:39 pm

First- thanks for all the nice comments I've received about being on TAXI TV a couple of weeks ago.

Second - A big thank you to Michael for having me on the show..... I truly had a blast.

During the show we were talking about my Jazz piano pieces. the question was do they get multiple placements.
the answer is yes .... absolutely. I have many jazz pieces that have multiple placements.

Here's one of my favorites:

It's been placed in the following shows:

My Chardonnay

Nashville Episode 407 (ABC)
Nashville Episode 401 (ABC)
Adult Beginners - (Indie Movie)
Silicon Valley Episode 107 (HBO)
Cobra Kai Episode 105 ( Youtube Red)

This song is one of my top revenue producers. Each placement had a nice upfront synch fee and and back end (BMI) is very nice and continues to grow. Love those repeats, and love watching the episodes travel around the world....

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Re: Follow up to my Taxi TV Episode - Bob mete

Post by jdstamper » Tue May 01, 2018 7:38 am

That's a great track Bob, I can see why it gets used so much. You hit the Sweet Spot! Composition, arrangement, production & performance. Thanks for posting.

Really enjoyed your Taxi TV episode ... hearing your story, your tips, your marketing perspective too.

I also liked hearing about Charlottesville, my niece graduated from UVA and it's a wonderful place to visit, I imagine a great place to live and as you said, to make music.

And thank you also to Michael for another great Taxi TV.

I hope you guys will do another episode together! :)
Jim Stamper
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