How Do I Change the Song Order in the Artist Songs Section?

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Russell Landwehr
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Re: How Do I Change the Song Order in the Artist Songs Section?

Post by Russell Landwehr » Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:29 am

Fredrik, are your MP3 filenames like this on your harddrive?

The reason I ask this, I just ran a test with my TAXI hosting page. I uploaded a song called 9mm Contusion. I put the title as [Hip Hop] 9MM CONTUSION when uploading, but kept the filename "9mm Contusion". I then downloaded the file from my hosting page and the downloaded filename came back as the filename I uploaded, not the title I gave it on my page.

From the way I understand the TAXI forward process, TAXI takes our files and compiles them into either a CD or email to the client. If this is the case, it would appear that the client would receive the mp3 file named whatever filename we uploaded regardless of the "Title" we give it on our page. However, I would bet the text of the email from TAXI would have your hosting page TITLE. (in the same manner as their critique and email to you)

I like the idea of your [brackets]TITLE for organizing multiple genres in one list/folder. I'm considering doing this in my local "TAXI Hosting" folder on my harddrive where I move files in and out for listing submissions. I will probably remove the {brackets] in the filename before uploading to my site and I probably will not use the [brackets] to title my songs on my TAXI page.

I know it's been a pain in the past for Libraries and Supervisors to get songs/files named "upbeat rock v2.5 remix4 2-12-2014 330pm". That kind of title screams "amateur". Your naming/titling convention isn't as bad as "upbeatrock v2.5 remix4 2-12-2014 330pm" and it certainly makes sense. However, I wonder if visually it may be disconcerting as an outlier? (i'm thinking out loud here) If you upload your file with no [brackets] in the filename yet title the song with [brackets] for your TAXI Hosting Page, I think it would be a fine compromise. The filename seems more important to me than what may be listed in the email. Although, even though we put our contact info in the metada (you do that, right?) I'll bet the Libraries and Supes copy and paste it from the TAXI email... which may have a slightly different songtitle than the mp3 they just played... hmmmm.

If you can't tell, I'm kinda on the fence about this. Hopefully I gave you points to ponder so you can do what works best for you.

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Russell Landwehr
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Re: How Do I Change the Song Order in the Artist Songs Section?

Post by FredrikPark » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:17 am

Oh, I totally missed your reply, Russell!
(I forgot to mark the topic for reply notifications.)

Ah, for my uploaded mp3 files from my hard drive, I think I started out with uploaded my goofy project file name, thinking the tracks would be renamed accordingly, when choosing a title during upload for the TAXI profile page. I still don't know if the original file name is shown for the supervisors/TAXI staff or not. Good point!

Lately though, I've started to rename my mp3 files into at least a similar title as I also type my desired title during said upload process, normally EXCLUDING the brackets. Hopefully that would be clear enough for anyone seeing file titles.
I feel the [Brackets for genres/styles] works very well for others to more intuitively find tracks that they'd be interested in hearing, and I would love if others would use a similar system with genres first.
However, I can not make that decision for others of course. And especially if it would also generate in some inconsistent issues for the supervisors or TAXI staff.

I still hope/suspect that submitting tracks to the specific listings would be enough clear for them, as you mentioned a kind of tagging for the specific listings.

It was very helpful to read your input and feedback, as usual. My apologizes again for very late thread reply, Russell!
(I checked the box for Thread reply Notifications now)
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Re: How Do I Change the Song Order in the Artist Songs Secti

Post by tm4tunes » Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:25 pm

Just spoke with Henry on the Phone over at Taxi - he was very helpful and said that it seems that the songs are automatically sorted alphabetically. His suggestion was to put a letter in front of every song, and they will be automatically ordered accordingly.

I decided to use numbers with a closing parentheses -

Using one letter will allow you to order up to 26 songs, but then combining those 26 letters (in an orderly, systematic fashion) with other letters or numbers (I haven't experimented with symbols) will allow you to easily sort your 50 uploads any way that you desire.

Problems solved. Thanks![/quote]

Great idea! - Thanks!

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