I’ve got some lyrics that need music

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I’ve got some lyrics that need music

Post by thaddeus » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:49 pm

Hey guys and girls.
I’m completely new to not only this site but also to writing lyrics in general.
I recently went through an extremely tough mental time and battled some inner demons on the way.
The good news is I’m a few steps ahead of those demons now and whilst I was in that bad place, I wrote what was originally a poem about my experiences.
I recently found those notes and turned them into lyrics that I think would work pretty well with the right music - kind of grungy, Linkin Park-ish.
I’m pretty sure I don’t just post the lyrics straight up here, so I’d love someone to get in contact with me somehow and see if we can put my words down with some music.
Cheers for reading this.
As I’m new to this site, I’m not sure how you guys / girls reply to these posts so (apologies if this is breaking the rules...) but I can be contacted directly by email on wphelps1623@gmail.com

Hope this works and hope to hear from one of you soon.
Thanks again!

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