"in the general stylistic wheelhouse of (but not limited to)...

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"in the general stylistic wheelhouse of (but not limited to)...

Post by harpfool » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:00 pm

(Edited to remove initial negativity and actually ask a question.)

The subject phrase appears in quite a few listings, preceding the list of references to check out. The listing I'm referring to is Y190826ND.

What does the phrase "(but not limited to)" in a listing mean? To a literal mind like my own it indicates that the client might be open to hearing something in the genre but stylistically different from the examples given. But a listener responded to a recent submission from me with:

"Give the example tracks a listen and I think that you will hear how different [your] song sounds. I mention this because accurate pitching is an extremely important part of earning forwards."

Understanding the meaning of "(but not limited to)" would help me to avoid submitting way-off-the-mark tracks.


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