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Re: Inconsistent Reviews...

Post by longrider » Tue Feb 20, 2007 6:47 pm

Thanks for the input Dave I really don't feel like I made a mistake by joining. I have submitted 2 songs already and I am looking forward to seeing the critiques. I want to know if the songs can make the grade. I have done songs in the past that I though was no good and it did really well in a contest, and others that I though was good turn out to be not so hot. If the songs do well then great, Ill just keep on keep-in on. If they don't do so well, I will make sure that I understand what the critiques tell me so I can improve on my talent. Anyway, I would not have joined for 2 years right of the bat if I felt that this was a scam or they did not have there act together on how they run the business.Think I will hang with the winners and stop reading all this negativity.

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