Inconsistent Reviews...

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Inconsistent Reviews...

Post by danhazer » Wed Oct 18, 2006 3:03 am

Hey All,I've been submitting tunes to TAXI for nearly two years. I think it's a really cool system. For the most part, I've used what was said in reviews to improve what I'm trying to do with my music.During my time with TAXI there is one element that I find somewhat frustrating, but I've never bothered to mention it because I don't know of any solution to the issue which is:There is noticeable inconsistency from screener to screener. I know everyone is going to interpret what he or she hears in a different way, but what I'm getting from screeners seems to vary more than it should. Here's an example: My wife Amy has a song out there where on several listing critiques screeners have forwarded it, as well as given it 8's & 9's all the way up and down. In the comments everything about the song was pretty much perfect and it was ready for radio and such. Yet on another, totally separate listing critique, THE VERY SAME SONG was given 5's & 6's and the reviewer called for major revisions and had all kinds of suggestions about lyrical content and whatnot. As a submitter of material to TAXI, I want to get good reviews. I like the ones that are putting 8's and 9's on their critiques. But are they just blowing smoke up my bunghole? And if I get a review that's giving 5's & 6's and basically says, "Rework this," for the same songs where elsewhere I'm getting 8's & 9's, whose report am I going to believe? I believe in what I do - so I'm probably going to lean towards the positive critique.Also, what if, because of this inconsistency, I choose to ignore the more negative critiques, and then submit the same song to a similar listing and the same, negative critique screener is screening? That screener is going to think, "This guy did not change a darn thing about this tune! Return!" Yet, he/she is probably not going to realize that I'm submitting to these listings based on the belief that the song is strong because of other positive TAXI reviews…In that case, it seems like I may have wasted my five dollars.Anyway, am I just ranting here? Does any one else feel a similar frustration as I do? Maybe someone has already written about this? Sorry if I am repeating what someone else has already said.Thanks and see you at the road rally,Dan

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