Incredible Rally

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Incredible Rally

Post by dparks » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:54 pm

My first Road Rally and I have to say that the information and access to top industry pros was way above expectations. And everyone was extremely helpful, supportive and just great people. I felt I started some important relationships that will open doors to new knowledge and opportunities.

A note - It would be nice if the presenters in the smaller rooms had better music playback systems - like maybe some good computer speakers to share.

And one last thing -- the final song played at the Saturday Music Supervisor Pitch Panel was (I believe) called Alive by Occasionally Preferred Partners. It was an incredible song (the clip we heard of it) and all the panelists wanted a copy of. Is there any chance it could be available for Taxi members to hear the whole thing? I tried some Forum searches with no success. Maybe if enough people ask, they might make it available.

All in all an amazing weekend that will elevate my music and business acumen 10-fold.

Thanks, Taxi.

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