Inevitable Shortcomings of the Taxi System

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Inevitable Shortcomings of the Taxi System

Post by bigdrisk » Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:02 pm

I am grateful to have had a couple of forwards in the past couple of weeks. But I find it interesting how the same songs for very similar listings get returned depending on who does the critiquing - sometimes one reviewer "gets it" and the next one doesn't.It reminded me that through the 11 years (80's and 90's) that I had exclusive relationships with publishers, very seldom did any ONE song-plugger push a song forward without playing it for several others on the staff to get their feedback. Most often this is how momentum developed for plugging the song to an artist - as everyone on the staff agreed that it was a great pitch. Before I ever got any songs published, of course I made the rounds to all the various publishers (in those days you could just make an appointment and basically walk in). After a week's worth of interviews, on the four songs I was presenting, all but one publisher turned me down. For the one that took a chance on me, two of the four later ended up being #1 songs.I think sometimes people get so used to "unsolicited" material being crap that it becomes very hard for them to wake up to the diamond in the sand - Easier to throw it in the huge return box with the others and not risk their reputation. After all, even if the song becomes a hit, who's gonna know that he/she passed on it?On one hand, I admire the song reviewers at Taxi for the songs they DO forward, strickly on their lone recommendation. But on the other hand, I wish songs could "make the rounds" so-to-speak so that (at least with songs that have previously been forwarded) you didn't end up with such a hodge-podge of conflicting critiques.Maybe there could be some sort of code on a song that has been forwarded which could tell the next reviewer that at least one of his/her peers thought the song worth a pitch. Just a thought.For songs that have come through taxi which HAVE been recorded by major labels, it would be interesting to know how many times that exact same demo was "returned" for other similar listings. I'm sure sometimes taxi's song reviewers feel a little foolish to have "passed" on something that turns out to be a hit. Of course, no one is perfect. Even the most notable publishers have their "how-stupid-was-I" stories.

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