Is this contemporary enough ?

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Is this contemporary enough ?

Post by songmaster » Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:06 pm

I've been working on these lyrics for a country song and I was wondering if they are contemporary enough for todays country music. There is no melody to it at this point. I'm thinking it will probably be a raunchy production but not too rock and roll. So you just have the lyrics to go on. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance :) Let me know if I'm sucking up to "Ford" too much :lol: This is obviously not for film and TV.


Ford Gave Me A Truck

I ripped your picture off my dash
Threw your old chap sticks in the trash
How could you cheat so easily
Then with those lying lips, still smile at me
You took our hopes and all our plans
And cashed them in for another man
Staring at the steering wheel I see
The only answer staring back at me
I just need to turn the key...cause

Ford gave me a truck, and God gave me a road
I got my bags in the back and a tank full of gas
I'm sippin on a cold Red Bull
I got a lot of good friends, they always lift me up
And by the time we're all raising a glass, you'll be in my dust
Cause God gave me a road, and Ford gave me a truck

I thought that we had something great
Except for those odd nights you came in late
Now you're blowin up my phone
Are you in that house, that was our home?
And are you dealing with some guilt
Maybe now you know the pain I felt
If you want forgiveness, I'm not that guy
If it's sympathy, that well's gone dry
Yeah, you can keep the house..girl goodbye...cause



Right now I really need
To put some miles between you and me
I'm no good at being cold
But you taught me well
How to just let go...and


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