Keyboardist looking for a great EDM Producer

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Keyboardist looking for a great EDM Producer

Post by MathieuF » Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:42 pm

Hi there !

I've been away for some time, I actually stopped doing anything for taxi...and then I realized most of the times my music was being returned , it was because of production value...and then I had an idea...what if I was combining my compositions and playing skills with the production and arrangement skills of someone who can really produce up to date, smashing EDM (or electronic related) hits !?!

I know you guys are out there, can probably write good songs already, but 2 composers can be better than 1, and I have great keyboard playing skills I'm sure we can do some great collabs :)

Please please check out some of my albums on streaming services : Mathieu Fiset. Start maybe with the most recents, but what matters is, my production skills sucks...but I think I'm a good composer and definitely a good musician (mostly keyboards but drums also)...

Let's do this !

Contact me on facebook : Mathieu Fiset or or even call me : +1 418 5649409 (canada)
Mathieu Fiset - Keyboardist / Drummer / Composer

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Re: Keyboardist looking for a great EDM Producer

Post by cosmicdolphin » Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:29 pm

I think your production is fine, sounds broadcast quality to me on the whole

If you want to make EDM from what I heard I am sure you already have most of the necessary skills , but it sounds like your natural style/tastes lie elswhere. So maybe you are targetting the wrong listings OR if you do want to target the EDM listings you need to immerse yourself in various styles of of it and learn what makes them tick. Or go clubbing ! Although I haven't really been since the can't beat the real experience of hearing a track in a club on the dance floor.

Maybe someone will want to collab, but I personally find it harder to produce somebody else's 'ideas' into something good than just making it on my own. You don't even need that much playing skills to be honest, some of my best melodies are made with a mouse.

I can point you toward some resources that helped me though ( this is a recent EDM placement of mine : ... eard-on-tv )

Alex Rome's Youtube Channel ... UXA/videos

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music by Masterclass ( this is the trailer - you have to buyt it )

There's a DeadMau5 one as well -

Hope that helps


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