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Re: Looking for Mic Recommendations

Post by tonedimension » Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:22 am

I realize this is a bit off of the original topic but I wanted to add a couple things about P48 and mic damage. I agree that ribbon microphones do require a bit more TLC, however, the P48 issue is not theirs alone. Condenser mics can also be damaged by connecting or disconnecting while P48 is engaged. Most modern ribbons from folks like AEA and Royer will survive quite nicely if P48 is accidentally engaged while they are connected, it's the connection/disconnection, cross-patching (via patchbay) or bad/faulty cable that does them in. Here are a couple of reference articles that go into it a bit deeper, but not too deep, from Royer and AEA. They aren't too long and if you are at all interested in a ribbon then you should check them out.


https://www.aearibbonmics.com/are-ribbo ... ple-think/

Anyway, to the original question, a ribbon will give you something true and beautiful. The KU5A that I suggested is one I like because it is an active design meaning that it requires P48 and less gain from a mic pre than traditional ribbon mics. The things that really set it apart from other ribbons are the supercardioid polar pattern and the front address profile. Just my humble suggestion. It seems to work nicely for me but then, I am a bit of a ribbon fan. ;)

I also suggest working with a dealer who is able to provide demos so that you can have the opportunity to work with a mic in your studio before committing to the purchase.

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Re: Looking for Mic Recommendations

Post by Noego » Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:59 am

There are great preamps from AEA and others designed by Forssell and renowed designer, that work beautifully with non P48 ribbons. I use the TRP preamp from AEA.
I have many passive ribbon mics in my collection and they really sound great using this preamp. Not only gain but impedence is a factor.

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