My First Deal!

Did you get a deal through TAXI? Lets hear about it!

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Re: My First Deal!

Post by 53mph » Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:42 am

Quote:I just checked my email and found a message offering me a deal for an R&B song that was forwarded by TAXI!AND they asked for more songs in all genres for their 2009 catalog!I am extremely happy...hopefully everything comes in to place and I get placements from it For those who are interested, I have been a member of TAXI since mid-late September 2007, I think that this song was my 5th forward, and the contact was approximately 4-6 weeks after the forward.THANK YOU TAXI!!!!-SteveWell done Steve,It happened pretty quickly for you.The time-line is not necessarily the same everytime though.I remember I got contacted by a company about 2 weeks after a forward and another time about 6 months. It's not always the same but it's good to know what each person's experience is like.As the other people said, try to cultivate this relationship because it could open the door to many more deals.Good luck!

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