need topline/lyric and vocals for electro-swing or House

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need topline/lyric and vocals for electro-swing or House

Post by nicotina » Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:19 pm

I managed to get one of my electro-swing pieces placed in a music library, so I'm working on some follow-up electro swing tunes.
I love this style, and think I could crank out a bunch of them. (check out Jazz Klezmertronic ... ng/s-GMah5) That's the tune that made it into a library.

I would love to also have vocal versions (preferably female) as well, ala Paloma Faith "upside Down" It could be an authentic jazz vocal, or a "sassy/ironic" performance like Paloma does.

So if you can write lyrics and sing, and have experience with jazz and Dance music, maybe we could try a collaboration. I also do House music and wouldn't mind having some vocals for those tunes.


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