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Post by DMerkel » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:17 pm

Greets everyone,

I joined a couple of weeks ago, though I've known about Taxi for a few years. I'm a life-long musician (piano and keys) -- I just won't say how long. :lol: I've played untold numbers of live gigs, toured, scored arrangements for bands, and recorded. I'm now settling in to writing and producing from my home studio with a focus on sync licensing. Not sure why I didn't pay closer attention to the opportunities sync affords before now. Nonetheless, it's great to be here among a talented and hardworking group of music-types! I'll try to behave. In the past week or so I've submitted 3 tracks and moving on to creating more. Write, produce, submit, rinse, repeat.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
Dave Merkel
"The music comes out of me and into you and becomes all of us. Together we take that out into the world." adapt. Bobby McFerrin

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