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Peace demo

Post by good4somethingbum » Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:26 pm

hi's a new one. Floyd did the demo. We hope you like it. :)

Peace ©2015 Floyd Jane/Robert George BMI

I was sittin’ on my front porch
Drinkin’ bourbon on the rocks
Pink moon peekin’ through the white clouds
Like my big toe through my sock
Pastor Jones stopped by that morning
But he didn’t come inside
Told him I don’t feel like talkin’
I’m just too numb inside

Just a mid-west boy who got scarred in the Middle East
Lost my youth at war, and I was hopin’ for a little peace

My wife useta phone me often
Back when I was over there
But now she lies right here beside me
And can’t find me anywhere

Ev’ry quiet dream at night becomes a howling beast
I’m a haunted man, since Uncle Sam sent me to fight for peace

Took my wife’s advice last Friday
Went down to the local VA
Sat there like a ghost, up until they closed
In that cold, crowded waiting room
Talked awhile to a young Marine
He was burned out on Thorazine
And he left there, in dark despair
After waiting all afternoon

I went back on Monday morning
And I heard the awful news
That Marine kissed this world goodbye
While wearing his dress blues
So I walked out to the graveyard
Found his cross and had to cry
Way too many of us veterans
Need the cross before we die

Then the sun went down and I heard whispers in the trees
And they all said, that anguished vet took a lonely path to peace

Come Sunday my wife tied my tie
Picked the lint off my old shirt
And I held her warm, safe hand
In the front row of that church

Though I know the mem’ries and regrets will never cease
The word of the Lord, is a mighty sword that helps me fight for peace

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