People Started Leavin' Town

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People Started Leavin' Town

Post by good4somethingbum » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:23 am

People Started Leavin’ Town ©2017 Robert George BMI

Well, the outside world is in its death throes,
So a buncha Goobers, Zekes and Jethros
Built a small town near a risky no man’s land
And Joe’d rather be an outlaw than a beggar,
And if any place can hide a smart bootlegger
Then a patch of misty lowlands can

The molasses scent of burnin’ whisky
Used to sweeten up the fog
Then one night there came a government truck
And it parked beside the bog
Two guys dumped a bio-hazard barrel
All along a gator’s den
Come the next night somethin’ ate the livestock
In poor Farmer Larry’s pen

People lost their pets, a hunter lost his hound
Then old Larry found a drifter’s arm,
In a shallow frog pond on his farm
Rumors sprouted up and people started leavin’ town

Now, ole Joe’s a man who’s hard to frighten,
One night he was reading Michael Crichton
In his bungalow along a muddy riverbed
He heard somethin’ out there in the mire,
He set down his jug of liquid fire
Went outside and found a bloody severed head

Joe broke down and called the county sheriff
And he came out to investigate
Though the sheriff brought a bad-ass shotgun
He just ended up as bait
Travelin’ preachers went to heaven screamin’
Leavin’ nametags and their bikes
Hippies smokin’ mushrooms reached nirvana
On a moonlit nature hike

Some said that Gatorzilla weighed five thousand pounds
But Joe was a brave and stubborn man,
He fin’lly came up with a plan
Even though other people started leavin’ town

He staked out a Billy goat,
On a mound inside a moat
That he filled with hundred-fifty proof
Well, that goat began to bleat,
Then the monster had his meat
While ole Joe was watchin’ from the roof

He soon heard that gator snorin’ on the ground
The National Guard rolled in that night,
Sony paid Joe for the movie rights
He got rich when other people started leavin’ town


Now that gator’s in the San Diego zoo
And ole Joe’s livin’ out in Malibu
He set up a new still in his rumpus room
Cos he missed the scent of swamp perfume

Well, the smell of whisky started driftin’ all around
But L.A. ain’t the Loo-Zee-Anna bog,
Out there folks prefer the smell of smog
And in no time people started leavin’ town…

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