Protools..Part 2 (simple question)

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Protools..Part 2 (simple question)

Post by slimcharm » Tue Dec 13, 2005 3:06 am

I am sure someone with knowledge of Protools would be able to answer this and I would appreciate it!I have my music track and Jessica records vocals to it.Then I click save. When I look in my save files on my computer (not in protools)..I see the music (l & R) and I see Jessicas vocals..but I dont see where the two have been combined. Is that something I have to do during the recording process.If I were in Protools I hear Jessica singing to the music ..but after I have saved and looked at it..I dont see where the combination is - instead I get separate pieces.Do I have to actually SAVE the combination? If so how do I do that?Thankyou

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