Do non-fowards make a you a better writer?

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Do non-fowards make a you a better writer?

Post by jchitty » Mon Apr 02, 2007 4:10 am

I guess there are pros and cons of not getting a foward. On one hand, you could get discouraged and not write as much because you feel 'what's the use?" On the other hand, adversity might make you a better writer. There are times when I get a non-foward that I can't write for several days. And then there are times when I get a non-foward, and I think I write much better songs....all of a sudden, I want to write constantly and take those feelings of rejection and create songs which are filled with emotion and feeling, songs about the human condition, ones people might identify with. I don't write about rejection as songwriter though, I'll take that rejection and either write an inspirational song about overcoming odds in a general sort of way.Anyone else experience this?

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