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Re: Please give me your honest feedback

Post by rnrmachine » Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:18 am

Quote:I ceartainly was not trying to be nasty or sarcastic,I posed my post as a question,and was not telling anyone how to critique.I found it odd that only production was being critiqued.You can have the greatest produced demo on the planet but if the song isn't great it's all for nothing.I didn't take it as nasty or sarcastic Rick. Just as I expect anyone would take it just a bit on the abrasive side. No harm done really, if ya aren't a lil thick skinned in this business you're screwed hehejvbod69, I would love to colaberate on some music with you. I have a number of softsynth programs including Kontakt2, Battery3 (which is very new and I am still learning) Artist Drums, Artist Grooves, Guitar rig 2, among many other things. I primarily use and prefer to use Sonar 6 PE as my DAW software, but have Cuebase 3 and access to Neuendo 3. My email is
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