Taxi Critiques VS the Real World don't Match.

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Taxi Critiques VS the Real World don't Match.

Post by ej » Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:33 am

The taxi reviews for my songs have been decent but not one forword. One song got all 8s... all songs get great words for reviews but no forwords. I am very disappointed in Taxi, considering I waited 5 years to join. I doubt I will be a member next year... taxi is not going to get me where I need to go.The same song getting such differing opinions from reviewers... somehow, this feels more like a money grab than a forwarding service. The only thing the reviewers have in common is (R)The real world loves my music... the people resonate to my lyrics and tell me that my stuff is better than anything on the radio for the most part. My question is, how can the real people who listen to my CD and see me perform live love it... professional musicians love it... local producers love it, basically everyone loves it except Taxi.If I did not know so much better, it would affect my self esteem but I do not think the problem is with my music. There is something funny about this site. I will put my promotion efforts elsewhere, I have no faith in Taxi anymore. I have more songs up for review, but I already know what they will say. Rewrite, re-record them... NOT. I am on to my next CD. I am a songwriter and will go where I am acknowledged and respected for what I do.

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