Question Regarding Dispatch

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Question Regarding Dispatch

Post by cdodge » Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:43 am

I've been looking at signing up for Dispatch as the the regular Taxi listing don't have a lot of opp's for my style of music i.e. orchestral, trailer, video game, dramatic choirs, etc. My question is... does the Dispatch area offer more opportunities that fit my style?

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Re: Question Regarding Dispatch

Post by bigbluebarry » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:46 am

Hey Craig,

Here is a list of the all the dispatch listings that have come through for 2010 so far, sorted by the listing date, with the most recent ones at the top and the oldest at the bottom. If you do join Dispatch, it's a pro-rated fee based on the date you join. If you were to sign up now, I think it'd be in the $80-90 range.

Pop/Rock Songs
Contemporary Country Songs
Brooding, Dark, Rock Instrumentals
Contemporary Pop/Dance Songs
Contemporary Pop/Dance Songwriters
Southern Gospel Songs
Contemporary/Neo-Traditional Country Songs
Traditional Ragtime Instrumentals
Traditional and Contemporary Country Songs
Jazz Instrumentals
Female Americana/Alt County Artists
Jazz Songs with French Vocals
Male and Female Contemporary Singer/Songwriters
Electo-Pop/Electro-Rock Songs
Rap/Hip-Hop Songs
Covers of Classic Rock Songs
Traditional Gregorian Chants
LA Based Producer
Traditional and Contemporary Blues Sogns and Instrumentals
Contemporary and Traditional Bollywood Indian Songs and Instrumentals
Traditional Ethnic Songs and Instrumentals
Dance/Electronica/hard House/Jungle/Techno Instrumentals
Bilingual/Multi-lingual Children Songs
Multi-lingual Vocalists or Singer/Songwriters
Contemporary/Upbeat Brazilian Songs and Instrumentals
Classical Crossover Songs
Contemporary Pop/Opera Songs
Commercial/Contemporary Songs
Jazz Songs and Instrumentals
Mexican Instrumentals
Uptempo Indie Rock Songs
Retro Sitcom/Game Show Instrumentals
Hard Rock Songs
Ubran Pop Instrumental Composers
Covers Songs of Magic Carpet Ride
Unusual Songs
High Suspense/Tension Instrumentals
Sneaky/Spy type Instrumentals
Epic Instrumental Themes
Cover Songs
Urban/Hip-Hop/Rap Songs
Latin Pop/Reggaeton/DanceHall Songs
Urban/Pop Sogns
Neo-Soul/Rock Songs
African type Songs and Instrumentals
RnB/Pop Songs
Adult Contemporary/Soft Pop/Rock Songs
Soulful Pop Songs
Tropical Pop/Hawaiian Songs, Instrumentals and Artists
Laid-Back Singer/Songwriter Songs and Artists
Hip-Hop/Urban Pop Songs
Dance/Electro-Pop Songs
Tween Pop Songs
Alternative Pop/Rock Songs
Contemporary Country Instrumentals
Electronica/Dance Instrumentals
Hip-Hop Instrumentals
World Instrumentals
Country/Western Music/Cowboy Songs
Ambient/Atmospheric Songs and Instrumentals
Hot A/C / Singer-Songwriter Songs
Singer-Songwriter/Alt Folk Songs
Ultra Cool, Hipster-Like Songs and Instrumentals
Retro/Psychedelic Rock Songs
Covers of Classic Rock Songs
Electro-Pop Songs
Dark/Sinister type Instrumentals
Contemporary Pop Songs
90s Aternative Rock Songs
Jazz Songs and Instrumentals
Hit Rock/Pop Songs
Gospel Songs
Contemporary Christian Songs
Calypso Instrumentals
Tropical/Island Pop type Instrumentals
Serious Instrumental Composers
Vocalists/Demo Singers
Pop and Pop/Rock Songs
Singer/Songwriter Songs
Alt Rock/Modern Rock/Indie Rock Artists and Bands
Dance/Electronica Artists, Bands and DJs
Modern Pop/Hot AC Artists and Bands
Urban/Hip-Hop/Rap Artista and Bands
Alternative Rock/Modern Rock Songs
Contemporary Rock Songs
RnB Songs
Pop/RnB Songs
Orchestral Instrumentals
Dance/Electronica Songs
AAA / Singer-Songwriter / Pop-Rock Songs and Artists
RnB/Motown type Songs and Artists
Alternative Rock and Rock/Pop Artists/Bands

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Re: Question Regarding Dispatch

Post by mazz » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:51 am

Hi Craig,

I'm not sure how long you've been a member, but the regular listings for what you do seem to run in cycles, sometimes there's several, sometimes not as many.

My experience with Dispatch has been that there's fewer listings for what you do, but they tend to be quick turnaround gigs. If you can write quickly or have a good backlog in your catalog, it can be a good fit. I've actually gotten deals from Dispatch forwards.

IMO, if you are constantly writing anyway, you'll be building up your catalog whether there's listings or not. When you do get a deal, you can offer them more stuff than what got forwarded.


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Re: Question Regarding Dispatch

Post by cdodge » Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:08 am

Great, thanks for the information guys. Great feedback!

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