Not All Songs Make the Cut

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Not All Songs Make the Cut

Post by Razor7Music » Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:41 pm

Hey All--

I've been reading Jason Blume's, 6 Step's to Songwriting Success (good book) and something I read really resonated with me and I wanted to share.

One of the most reassuring things I read in that book is in the section regarding demos. Basically, the context is for songwriters that don't record, mix and master their own stuff but instead have demos cut in professional studios. Paraphrasing, he said not all songs are of the caliber to be cut as a demo. They just don't have the kind of elements that make them worth the expense because at their core they are not marketable, potential hits, etc. (my words).

Although I do my recording in my own studio, the last tune I just finished didn't move me. I did try my best with multiple rewrites, re-recording, remixing and many of you know, much re-mastering. No matter what I did, as soon as I started playing the tune for anyone I thought, that 'I' didn't like the song. Although some really good songs come fast, this one came really fast and it was solely based on trying to write (and perform) like someone else.

I thought it was a waste and honestly felt down about it for a while. What Jason said in that same section of the book is that the writer considers tunes like this (paraphrasing again) just more practice toward writing the way you hope to write--one more step toward writing a better song.

It crossed my mind previously to collaborate with this song--even have someone else sing it, but in my heart, I just don't feel like the song is worth it. Once I read this section in the book I immediately started feeling like this was a practice song for me. Although I don't like it and doubt it will ever bring in any money for me, I didn't waste my time working on it because of what I learned from doing it and what I would do differently/better next time.

Gratefully I was/am working on several other tunes that I do like and that helps a lot. Maybe I can identify songs of mine I don't like earlier in the process next time so I spend more time finishing other tunes that I do like.

Thanks for reading!

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