I Seem to Keep Playing Favorites with My Tunes

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I Seem to Keep Playing Favorites with My Tunes

Post by Razor7Music » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:36 am

Hey Everyone--

Seems like right after I joined Taxi I was on the forums pretty much every day. Now, I feel like I've been given enough info to chew on for a while and am trying to apply all of the awesome advice toward building my craft--and I don't spend as much time here.

I did realize something though, and it made me want to share. I have always worked on one project/song at a time. After the last (my first) Road Rally, I felt like I should be working on more than one at a time. What I found is that I starting liking one tune better than another and started cutting some corners with the less favored song. I know this is something I need to work on, but I also find that when I have an idea for a tune that I track a scratch copy of, and I feel like it has the potential of being a better song than the one I'm presently working on, I have to fight not hurrying up and finishing the present song--so I can get to the one I like better.

I finished a tune recently and asked for some input from my Taxi peers and I took their input and ran with it. Not only did I buy a new set of monitors, changed the bass and drums, I completely re-mixed the entire song. I am now ready to completely re-master it. I had to force myself not to just say, "oh well, I'm still learning and getting better and the next song will be better too" and just let the tune end where it was. I had to fight not to start working on the next song and put the one that needed more work behind me.

I would like to get to a place where I can work on multiple songs at a time and give each of them my complete attention--and not cut any corners regardless of whether I like one more than another--but I'm not there yet.

A little at a time and I think I'll have that discipline. I'd like to know how you overcome your favoritism when you work on more than one song at a time.

I appreciate you reading!

Stephen Davis, Songwriter
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