Inherit the Night

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Inherit the Night

Post by good4somethingbum » Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:54 pm

Inherit the Night ©2016 Robert George BMI

Well, she peeks out through the curtains at the white cross on the hill
Then she takes a nap because she’s got a little time to kill
She snores loud enough to wake the dead until she hears a knock
She lets her lover in and then makes sure the door is locked

Peeks outside again then pours the man a frosty cold Sprite
Someone somewhere has been fated to inherit the night

Well, her lover drinks another and he thinks it’s slightly sweet
He collapses in the kitchen and she wraps him in a sheet
Drags him down the back steps to a deep hole she’d already dug
Works her spade with speed because her deed attracted crows and bugs

She was able to ignore the smallest twinges of fright
All because her purse was happy to inherit the night

A mist entwines the midnight pines
But the merry murderess is locked up tight
Sometimes the mist has rolled across the meadow,
Like a mystical quicksilver shadow
Other nights the shadow stood and walked upright

She’s been finding dry mud on the walk outside our door
And it’s like something rifled papers in the chest of drawers
It’s been days since she has been to town in our old Dodge
But something moved the jug of anti-freeze in our garage

And tonight they’ll find her secret bottles of Sprite
That’s how she helped two fools inherit the night

O she awakes and sweats and shakes
All because she hears a footfall on the creaky stairs
She dons her red robe and her ratty sandals
Strikes a wood match and she lights a candle,
Shuddering at scratching mice and squeaky chairs

I’d moved off the stairs and stalked across the kitchen floor
Leaving muddy smudges on our old refrigerator door
She looked out a downstairs window at the white cross on the hill
There was sod upon the sidewalk and the restless mice grew still

And a half moon hovered like a haunted ivory kite
Guided by the damned who were soon to inherit the night

She looked around and heard a sound
In the barn where bats and screech owls often hid
Near the chopping stump beside the chickens,
She was almost conscience stricken
When she heard a door creak like a coffin lid

Somewhere in her cold heart empty vows and promises were made
Trusting souls were tricked and faithful men and lovers were betrayed
Food and drinks were spiked and signatures were forged
Soil has appetites for bones and soon its gut would be engorged

The larceny of flesh becomes the cold ground’s delight
Hungry mouths abound when mortal men inherit the night

Some men feel a wicked woman’s bosom and their conscience warps
She’d persuaded poor Doc Carradine to sign off on my corpse
Now he’s in our backyard and there’s no one signing off on his
Cos the taste of anti-freeze was smothered by the sweetness of her kiss

Now she saw me coming and she recognized her sad plight
And instead of my insurance she’d inherit the night

I was gonna haul her back to an eternal wooden bed
But I’ll bet that bitch’ll keep on snoring even when she’s dead
So I let the doctor drag her screaming to his den of earth
In a hole she dug herself she’ll feel a cold and dark rebirth

Well, I filled their grave by moonlight and I packed it down tight
Then I climbed that hilltop happy to inherit the night

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