The House in Smoky Hollow

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The House in Smoky Hollow

Post by good4somethingbum » Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:32 pm

The House in Smoky Hollow ©2017 Robert George BMI

I left my swank, expensive condo
Drove off in my trendy, new sedan
Then I took a motivated buyer
To an old house on secluded land
Well, the county’d hired me to sell it
Priced it far below the going rate
Though I was a well-respected agent
I could not unload that real estate

Cos its attic was a nest for owls and swallows
And crazy rumors swirled, about a shadow world
In the house in Smoky Hollow

Well, we drove that winding dirt road
Down through misty groves of sycamore
Scared a doe and yearling off the front porch
When we walked up to the door
He’d been lookin’ for a fixer upper
So he scribbled on the dotted line
And I said the contract gave him three days
If something made him change his mind

Cos its attic was a nest for owls and swallows
And crazy rumors swirled, about a shadow world
In the house in Smoky Hollow

I went back home and I celebrated,
Played some songs that sounded automated
All while chokin’ down some chic, imported alcohol
That apartment was a snob oasis,
Pink art deco chairs and Chinese vases
But that condo had no life in it at all

Then my cell phone rang just after midnight
And that guy was scared and out of breath
He was backing out of our contract
Cos he’d been frightened half to death
I hung up and thought about the legend
Of a ghost with long brown hair and braids
Her dad ran rum during Prohibition
And a G-Man shot her in a raid

Now she shares her home with owls and swallows
She belongs with God above, but remains because she loves
The house in Smoky Hollow

They say she plays mandolin at midnight,
Cos the only thing her father did right
Was to teach his daughter Carter Fam’ly songs and hymns
And though rum no longer is forbidden,
She knew where his recipes were hidden
So she drinks alone where shadows hang and light is dim

Well, I grabbed my phone and called that client
Told him that my condo was for sale
Then we closed the deal that morning
And I felt the hand of fate prevail
Then I bought that haunted house for myself
Cos she fills its rooms with soul and breath
Now her music in the night reminds me
That my sterile life was worse than death

Now our home is rid of owls and swallows
And when the day is done, she lets me share her rum
In the house in Smoky Hollow

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