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Conceptual Idea

Post by Alasdair » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:19 am

Hello People/ fellow Artists

i wanted to set up a website for my music other than the taxi URL we all have.

the obvious thing is to just use your name but i wanted to do something different.

I wanted to do/ offer something that may help professional perception.

To set up a site that had say a collection of composers/ artists & performers that were potentially complimentary. a site you can put on your business card that others could visit and see your association with other professionals. there would be no obligation to share royalties or collaborate with others listed on the site. how ever you would be required to complete a bio and offer 2-3 examples of your best work to put up..

Iam thinking no less than 5 artists and no more than 15 keeping it relatively small and professional.

What do you think of the concept and what do you think of the this site name.

I figured that this name would allow for all genres, styles artists within the music field.

Iam happy to pay for the site and 1 email.. If emailed asking for listed artist i would connect them without charge.. I see it as a way to gain connections and recognition for my self.. what do you think.. any other domain name suggestions.. please suggest ones that are available.

Maybe meet a few people at the taxi roadrally that would like to be apart of this

thanks for your time

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