Publishing rights question

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Publishing rights question

Post by tomyco » Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:41 am

I am very close to getting a license and need to make sure I fill out the Schedule A correctly.

I have sent some of my songs to three different music libraries under a non exclusive agreement. One has retitled the songs, so there is no issue there.

My understanding is that if Music library XYZ pitches my song and gets a license, XYZ would be the publisher. For songs I send directly to a Clearing house, Taxi, Broadjam, Hit License etc and receive a license through them, I would be the publisher and have all publishing rights and XYZ Music library would have no publishing rights. I believe this is correct but I want to make sure I do everything correct.

If the license happens it would not be through any of the three Music libraries I sent my music to. I went through one of the companies I listed above, So would I be the publisher and have all publishing rights?

Thanks for all replies.

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