The Way of the Magi

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The Way of the Magi

Post by good4somethingbum » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:58 am

The Way of the Magi ©2018 Robert George BMI

She danced out of the dawn
With enchantment up her sleeve
And a mischievous smile
That once belonged to Eve
She’s a mistress of fate
And a counselor to kings
She says love is a star
And she’s only following

The way of the magi

When the stars kiss the sea
Sometimes they will close their eyes
O and when we made love
She became the midnight skies
She makes each lover feel
Like her loyalty is his
She bewitches our kiss
Cos the road of passion is

The way of the magi

O her dark hair
Is a garden of dreams
Sins you commit
Somehow pardon your schemes
She’s a priestess
She’s a sorceress
And she knows what redeems a man from lifelessness

Moonlight lay on the shore
Like a dragon she has slain
She will vanish by dawn
But the fire yet remains
She gives herself to you
Like frankincense and myrrh
Because she knows the night
Has bequeathed to her

The way of the magi
The way of the magi…

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