I Hope She Was Worth It

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I Hope She Was Worth It

Post by good4somethingbum » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:01 pm

I Hope She Was Worth It ©2018 Robert George BMI

I hadn’t talked to him in twenty years or more
Since we chased those coeds and divorcees on the Boca Chica shore
We’d disagreed and had a falling out
When he fell in with a crooked crowd
I googled his name and thought I’d shoot him an e-mail
Turns out he was stewin’ in the Cameron County jail
Some kinda crazy legal tangle
Homicide and a love triangle with some high class married tail

I drove down for the last week of his trial
Jury foreman read the guilty verdict with half a smile
I signed in to see him late that day
He looked at me through the bullet-proof glass
A coupla minutes passed
Cos we couldn’t think of what to say
He was quiet
And didn’t deny it
So I shook my head and finally said

“I hope she was worth it”

He said, “Old friend
I guess fate caught up with me
You prob’ly never heard about that nursing home scam in Tennessee
But surely you remember that time in the Poconos
That high school tease and her father’s broken nose
There’s a laundry list of warrants and restraining orders
Runnin’ cockfights on the border
Poon n pills n powder in the Quarter
Hell, I almost hope the judge doesn’t give me life
I’d rather get the needle than be a prison wife
Ten years of appeals in a Federal pen
Then, old friend, comes the end”

I was silent but my eyes said it again

“I hope she was worth it”

The guard smiled when he said
“She had auburn hair and a scarlet muff
She was tight as a blood pressure cuff
You wouldn’t know it to look at her
She’s dainty as a tea-cup
Her husband was a millionaire and a local mayor
But she’d signed an airtight pre-nup

There was a martini murder plot
A will was forged before the weekend on his pleasure yacht
Then came the mickey’d lemon sauce, the double cross
And the dental floss garrote
She got richer
And I got the blame
The cops got the picture
Cos she built the frame
She had Hades in her kiss
And blessings in her blouse
A fat insurance check
I was the prime suspect
And she got a one-way ticket to Laos

I’m guilty as sin
God knows where I’ve been
I’ve got no right to pray
And old friend, you found me somehow
And you’re gonna sit there now and say

“I hope she was worth it”

Well, he leaned back in his chair
Ran his hand through his hair
Thought about what should’ve been
And what was
Thought of magnetism, thought of lust
Thought of death in prison and hell after dust
And without guile
He flashed a smile
And said, “She damn sure was…”

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