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Figured It Out

Post by simonja » Tue May 29, 2018 10:31 pm

Hey All

Anyone interested in working together on this? Lyrics, melody, vocals, production, whatever... ? ... ut/s-sZLkP

As background: I get a lot of ideas and like to think I am strongest in concepts, structure, and melody. I'm not a great player (EZkeys has been a *revelation*), singer, or lyricist and I love working with creative people in a collaborative and shared way. I'm not precious, just curious.

Sorry for the cruddy vocal - that's me singing placeholders. I'm quite sure someone out there can do (a lot) better.

Background to song: I wanted to write a song in 120bpm. I found the NeoSoul drum track in Logic and the melody and bass line came out. EZKeys added the gospel-ish piano. That took half an hour or so for the verses. The pre and chorus took a day or so. Still not entirely sure about it, or the main hook. I'm open for whatever if it grabs you... The lines in the chorus I got were "don't you look around/don't you ever doubt/it's your love babe I can't live without/nothing made sense/till you were round" (which doesn't fit with the main hook, but hey - that's why I'm here.)

Let me know if you're interested.

Best, Si

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