Castle of Immortal Dreams

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Castle of Immortal Dreams

Postby good4somethingbum » Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:31 pm

Castle of Immortal Dreams ©2018 Robert George BMI

When my so-called friends have gone
And the going gets rough
What good were they, anyway
When they say I’m not good enough

Now my heart needs a home
Where my faith can survive
In a castle of immortal dreams
I keep hope alive

When I’ve fallen through the cracks
And I’m facing defeat
Things easy to fall back on
Just feel like retreat

When choices I’ve been given
Leave me chained and bound
In my castle of immortal dreams
Freedom shares her crown

There are dark nights when it seems
Time and fate are shaking hands
That’s when my secret dreams
Are busy making plans

When the wind raging at my door
Rattles both wood and stone
In my castle of immortal dreams
Love will be my throne

In my castle of immortal dreams
Love will be my throne…

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