Well, ah... yeah... well... um... guess I'm booked!

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Well, ah... yeah... well... um... guess I'm booked!

Postby hummingbird » Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:56 am

Over the past few weeks I made the decision that going to the Rally this year was not in the cards. The cost was simply too high, the exchange from Canadian to American dollars is horrible and adds at least $500 to the trip no matter which way you stack it up. I could use that money to upgrade my computer or buy newer VSTs or take more lessons or to pay for some composing programs on my wish list.

Then I heard the Rally hotel was selling out fast and people weren't able to get rooms at the Rally rate before the 1st. That got fixed and I leapt in, registered at TAXI for the Rally and made a booking at the hotel, all the while thinking, ummm wasn't I not going to go? < lights on, nobody's home? >

Then I looked at fares and stuff and said, well, I can easily cancel the hotel. < Not going. Not. Going. >

Then tonight I find myself on my favourite airline site, just checking what time flights are and what the cost is... yeah.. well... soon I was looking *everywhere* for my passport so I could fill in the required information < hello? Vikki? I thought you weren't going? Costs too much? Huh? >

So now, somehow, I have a return flight to LA, I'm registered for the Rally, and I've got a hotel room with a Heavenly Bed and a Fridge booked.

*Scratches head*

How did that happen....?
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Re: Well, ah... yeah... well... um... guess I'm booked!

Postby AnneHouse » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:37 pm

YAY! So glad you will be there!
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Re: Well, ah... yeah... well... um... guess I'm booked!

Postby Gearguy » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:26 pm

Aaaaagh! Me too! I'm in Victoria so it's a bit closer that almost every other part of Canada.
See you there! But the exchange is still s brutal


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