My Own True Love---A Novella

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My Own True Love---A Novella

Post by good4somethingbum » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:54 pm

Alexa! It’s a stormy night, my lover is away and I want to read something mysterious, with passion, loss, sadness, revenge, triumph and, most of all…true romance as defined by the darkness of old magic. I wish the heroes and heroines to be confederates of shadow. I want their hopes to be as fog on a midnight fen, intangible, yet full of history that beckons for the fingers of our dreams.

Alexa: “I have ordered you ‘My Own True Love’ by Robert George….” ... -1-catcorr

An excerpt….

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari had terrified her. She’d held Klause’s arm like a life preserver as they left the theater. He was amused by her discomfiture, which only served to frighten and infuriate her all the more. She knew it was when mortals scoffed
at fear that death would be upon them like a bird of prey upon a mouse.
A pipe organ played a hymn in the cathedral across the wide cobblestone lane. It echoed out through the open doors, its eerie melody seeming to have been born in a monk’s fingers at the fall of Rome. A full, chalky moon perched on the cathedral’s spire. The sidewalks were slick from an earlier shower, serving as a dull mirror for the moon to inspect its haunting beauty. Gentlemen in top hats and opera cloaks helped proper women into buggies. Some stared with envy at horseless carriages chugging in and out of the thin mist. On a distant corner, a musical trio consisting of an accordion, bouzouki and fiddle played a drinking song, its bouncy rhythms a sacrilege in the same vicinity as the hymn. As they walked, the streets thinned of people, leaving them alone with their desires.
This was why Klause had taken her to see such a film. Laughing ever louder, he pulled Ilya into an arched doorway and began to kiss her. She returned his kiss, forgetting all about the horrors of Dr. Caligari. Two gloved hands reached into the doorway, found Klause’s head and twisted. There was a crunch and Klause fell from Ilya’s kiss like a handkerchief. Her scream was muted by the cathedrals bell’s as two dark eyes leaned over her and made her his.
There was only one true reason to sire. For a mate.

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