”positive, uplifting, corporate…” "compression techniques"?

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Re: ”positive, uplifting, corporate…” "compression techniques"?

Post by Anders » Fri Mar 29, 2019 6:02 pm

I am only going to comment that the claps starting at :35 should not be in there.
Thank you Tim!

…but I hope you're not holding back ;)
I always appreciate reading your honest comments at the forum!

Then I sat down and start to find the most extreme positions to destroy the sound and then build it up.
Thank you HowlingUlf!

Yes that’s what I did also, I think single drum hits are great for getting a rough understanding of what the different parameters/knobs do.
...and I absolutely agree, there’s always soooo much more to learn

Have you experimented with any SSL type compressors?
Thank you Andrew!

I have not tried SSL but it sounds like a great idea!
Lately I have been using Izotope Neutron which is also sort of a channelstrip

I just listened to the before and after again but I actually don’t think that there’s much improvement, perhaps its to subtle.
The drums sound a little different/punchier but something ugly is happening to the sybmbals, maybe those should not be parallel compressed
Possibly the screener wasn’t referring to the drums at all


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Re: ”positive, uplifting, corporate…” "compression techniques"?

Post by RapperTriggaD1 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:52 pm

WOW this instrumental is extremely positive and uplifting and inspiring you did an amazing job creating this instrumental keep up the amazing work!

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