Hi Folks, I have more tunes up, please have a listen

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Hi Folks, I have more tunes up, please have a listen

Post by NoellR » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:39 pm

:D I have more songs up on sound cloud if anyone is interested. Feed back, and comments welcomed. I appreciate respectful input and advice from others, much thanks. Happy listening, rock on! 8-)

This song is our cover version of Smokey Robinson's Being with You song, we put in som electric guitars and bended vocals.
https://soundcloud.com/maidenodblue/smo ... cover-song

This original song has electric guitars, my vocals, and a rocking industrial ambient feel to it.
https://soundcloud.com/maidenodblue/str ... sance-mix1

This song is an original 1980's inspired track, with electric bass guitars, synths, and vocals.
https://soundcloud.com/maidenodblue/oot ... ix-version

This original track also has live electric guitars, dreamy synths, and vocals.

An original track that is sad and reflective with electric bass guitar and vocals

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