Piano Improvisation

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Piano Improvisation

Post by jamesgordon1987 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:12 pm

Hi, I'm new to the forum. A little about myself:

-Hobbyist/academic musician for most of my life, started piano lessons age 7, now age 32 (lessons on and off, and then some college, then independent)
-Started teaching myself guitar at age 18, play guitar as a secondary instrument
-Amateur musician, never made any money except a few piano lessons a long time ago
-This is the only type of music I play on the piano; what you're looking at is my hobby and a passion of mine, I don't really do much else with it, just create and improvise (I'll play for an audience when invited), that's how I like it for now anyway.
-I used to learn others' compositions, but found my time was better spent on my own creative compositions
-Influenced mostly by Classical pianist composers like Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov...as well as Jazz pianists such as Ahmad Jamal, Bill Evans, and Art Tatum.
-My piano is so-so (I'm half way to saving up for a Steinway Grand but until then this upright Yamaha will have to do)
-My recording apparatus and technique is very bare-bones (cheap mic and iphone); hopefully you can see past that to the underlying artform
-No delusions of becoming famous or whatever, just trying to expand and reach out a bit, I don't do it often
-Not looking for feedback/critique (if you like it that's great but if not I don't want to hear it, not looking for tips or advice, just putting myself out there and hoping someone enjoys it)
-Thanks for checking me out!
-Most recent video (improv made approx. 1 per month):



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