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Post Acceptance Tasks & Workflow

Post by MBantle » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:16 pm

Dear All,
I find myself spending too much time doing the "boring admin" after a track got accepted by a publisher. I've got a few ideas that I would like to implement but I would like to hear from more advanced members first as to whether my ideas actually make sense :) 1) Composing instrumental tracks to a 15/30/60 seconds edit structure from the outset all the time (so you can cut them into pieces in no time once the track got accepted) and 2) When composing a track to try using BPMs so that the structure of the song naturally matches the length of common edits if that makes sense (as quite obviously when using the right BPM 8 bars will be exactly 15s, 16 bars will be exactly 30s asf. - so even with adding a bit of wiggle room at the beginning and fading in the end you are golden in no time when editing the track).
Please let me know your thoughts.

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