Youtube + royalties, how does that work?

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Youtube + royalties, how does that work?

Post by todddunnigan » Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:53 am

Hello there, I'm a brand new member and this is my first post. :D
I just landed a piece on a webshow that averages about 1,000,000 views per episode. I got $388 for a licensing fee, (ch-ching, my first 3 figure check from licensing! woo hoo!), and I split the backend with the publisher. Does BMI count plays of your music on a Youtube show? If they don't, does someone?
I signed up for Sound Exchange a few years back and got a check for $101 from them once for internet plays from a band I was in, but I've never seen anything from them again, even though I have newer music signed up through them that has gotten played on the internet WAAAAYYYYY more than the music I got paid for initially, but I haven't seen anything from them since. What's going on with them?

I await your replies
Thank You

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