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Post by DavidWill » Wed Jan 06, 2021 6:49 am

So many tears

So many tears
So many tears so many fears
For those here and left behind
Tender is the night
So many tears.

I awake each morning preparing for the day
That brings its own heartache when people have their say
Telling how it is with so many sombre words
At times I don’t know what to do so many tears.

My pillow in the morning is so seldom dry
‘Cause even in my dreams I have to say goodbyes
I ask for more and more in strength to take away their fears
But it’s so sad, it’s so sad, as they slip away so many tears.

They all keep on coming for help in their distress
And they so keep on wondering how their hopes come less and less
I know I can bend to carry their loved ones words
But it’s so hard,it’s so hard so many tears.

Late last night I stayed again to comfort those alone
And spoke to family members, direct and on the phone
They asked if I could pass on how much they loved them so
It so hurts, it’s so hurts to have to let them go so many tears.

How can it be this way with no farewell kiss
They ask of me what they have done in deserving this
An old friend once told me just be there for them
And they will see that you care so many tears

Maybe one day there’s a heaven that can lend a hand
To end this misery and somehow understand
But until then I say to all, protect yourself and others
So I no longer have to feel and know so many tears.

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