Regional Festival Best Score and Best Song Nomination

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Regional Festival Best Score and Best Song Nomination

Post by dskinner75 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:52 am

Taxi friends,

I've been in Taxi about 4 years now, and the advice, books, emails and support I've gotten has been amazing. Thank you all. I've only submitted about 15 times so far, and have no forwards yet.

But, I've been hired to construct backing tracks for a musical (paying gig!), have been paid to write for some local radio spots (cues, just as described in Dean K's books), and on Aug 30, "Bloodsucker's Planet" will premier at the Genreblast Film Festival in Winchester, VA. I wrote the Score, and the film has been nominated for Best Score and Best Song. It's a very low budget B film shot here in central Texas. If you are interested, the trailer is on You Tube, and you can find us at

Just submitted a Christmas song for a Taxi listing, and the writing continues.
David Jack "Dave" Skinner

"The first hundred don't count."
-Willie Nelson, on songwriting

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